First bottle from mommy

I fed my 5.5 month old daughter a bottle today for the first time. She’s been taking a bottle from other people since she’s been a month old, but I have yet to give her one until today. Why would I. She’s a breastfed baby and there just doesn’t ever seen to be a reason to feed her a bottle when I can nurse her instead. 

Today she woke up later than usual from her nap at day care and when my husband went to pick her up she had yet to have her afternoon bottle. He drove to our usual Friday afternoon meeting spot and started to feed her in the back seat. When I arrived she had only drank a few ounces and my husband had to leave to meet a client, leaving me with the rest of the bottle. Because I didn’t want to waste the milk, I hopped in my back seat and resumed. She surprisingly took the bottle from me. I had thought she would be weird about it because she has only ever nursed with me. It felt strange for me, but not for her. I fumbled a bit, probably allowed some air bubbles through, and was a little awkward, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had made it to be in my head. I mean I’ve refused to feed her a bottle for nearly 6 months, but my mind is more open now and if I need to I will. 


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