Checklists for days

I am forever running through checklists in my brain. 

In the morning, it’s something like..

  • Wake up
  • Shower
  • Get dressed
  • Brush teeth
  • Get Gwen up
  • Dress Gwen
  • Feed Gwen
  • Take minitor downstairs for child care provider in the afternoon
  • Pump 
  • Feed Gwen pears
  • Make bottles for day
  • Get my lunch together
  • Make breakfast
  • Put bags in car
  • Put our dog downstairs
  • Get in car

In the evening it’s:

  • Feed Gwen
  • Give Gwen a bath
  • Put Gwen to bed
  • Clean bottles
  • Make dinner
  • Do dishes
  • Feed dog
  • Take dog out

Once I complete an item in the list my mind scans for the next do to. It can feel endless at times always onto the next thing. My checklist items are normal everyday must do items but they still need a thought process to get acomplished. 

The other do to items, like pay bills, call friends, do laundry,reserve a restaurant for Gwen’s baptism get put on hold until the weekend. 


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