Baby sign language 

I’m on the baby center email distribution list and every week I receive an email about my baby’s growth progress, sign of development, and things to consider. I forward the email every week to my husband as we both enjoy reading about what to expect next. 

In this weeks issue “Your 5-month-old: Week 3” there was a link to another article about teaching your baby how to use sign language to comminicate. I’ve always found baby sign language so fasinating and have always wanted my child to know some basic signs. Lots of day care’s now teach this in the rooms, but I don’t believe Gwen’s does. A friend’s child can sign milk and it’s so cool to see when he does it. He’s communicating but not through words…that’s amazing. 

After reading a few article’s, I gathered that it’s best to start around 8 or 9 months. Some say as early as 6 months, but don’t expect their hand coordination to be developed well at six months.

I started today already with signing mama and dada. We’ll test that out for a few weeks and see how it goes before moving on and then I think I’ll work on a new word ever week until we have a few of the basics down – milk, more, all done, eat, and maybe dog ;). 


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