Jam for Good – Melanoma Foundation

One of the initiatives of the company I work for is to house start ups and nonprofits over a six month period in a space we call the innoloft. During those six months we offer our resources and services free to help the company launch or expand. 

Yesterday I took part in a 1/2 day innovation jam to help the Melanoma Foundation of New England, a resident in our innoloft, solve the problem of gaining corporate sponsors. We brainstormed and pitched our ideas and in return we learned about skin cancer and the foundations’ awareness efforts. It opened my eyes even more to a very serious problem – lack of sun protection. 

I’m pretty good at putting on sun screen most of the time. I wasn’t always though. I have olive italian skin, it takes the sun well or so I thought. At the event they had facial screeners that showed you the sun damage on your face. The picture is a bit hard to see but it was clear as day to me when I viewed into the machine. My nose is covered with sunscreen – SPF 70. You can see home much coverage against the sun it has. On my cheeks where you see the spots that look like freckles, that’s sun damage. It was even worse on my nose before I applied the sunscrean. Crazy…right? Sometimes I forget to apply sunscrean to my face but never again. 

On my team was a 4th year soon to be dermatology doctor. He recommended the following all natural brands of sunscrean. CeraVe SPF face lotion, Trader Joe’s brand sunscrean, and for babies Blue Lizard. I have yet to research these myself, but thought I would pass along my findings. 

Oh and one of our pitches included the slogan, “skin care aware”. So my advise to you is be SKIN CARE AWARE! It matters. 



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