Solid Foods

Baby G has taken to solid foods really well. So well that she’s begun to stare at you when you’re eating or drinking something. Sometimes she even grabs for your cup likes it’s hers. How did this happen so quickly? She only 5 1/2 months, but she’s already interested in food. 

Thus far she’s tried the following puree’s – banana’s, apples, peas, sweet potato, carrots, & avocado. She’s also tried a few combinations. Banana/apple – she loved it. Carrots/peas – that didn’t go over so well. Avocado/banana – not a likely pairing but I read it somewhere and it worked. She liked it. 

Along with the exploration of solid foods, we’ve noticed a big change in her poop. Not only is it more on the solid side, it also stinks like you wouldn’t believe. Holy cow does it stink. The last two days we could actually tell when she was pooping because she got red in the face, squirmed and cried out. I’m not sure if this is mormal or not. It’s a bit concerning. Maybe we’re starting her too early. 


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