Birthdays are strange

Is it weird that we celebrate birthday’s? In Germany they celebrate name day. 

I think it’s a bit strange yet it’s mostly fun. Unless of course you’re celebrating a milestone birthday and you have high expectations. For example I turned 21 in Australia. In Australia 21 is no big deal because you can start drinking at age 18. 18 is a big deal. I thought it was going to be so cool to be away in Australia for my b-day but it wasn’t. It was just cool to be there no matter what day it was, but my 21st birthday wasn’t that fun. I don’t even think I drank that day.

I’m turning 35 in a week. I don’t ever remember thinking I would be this old. But now that I am this old, I don’t feel like I thought it would. I feel mostly young. 35 doesn’t feel like anything. 

A co-worker had a b-day today. We celebrate with cake and a 1/2 hr of socializing in a dark meeting room. I asked people if they thought it was strange to celebrate birthdays and that’s when Germany came up. Most people surprisingly agreed with that it was odd. And then I found that odd. 

My husband and I usually take off work on my b-day and hang out. This year it’s on a Sunday, so we are taking Monday off. One year, I think 2013, it was so warm we went to the beach on my birthday. It was close to 80 that year. I can’t remember what we’ve done the other years. I guess they weren’t so extraordinary. 

This year baby G will be with us, that’s pretty extraordinary in its self!


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