Planning for a second

My daughter just turned 5 months and I’m already starting to think about a second child. 

I took out the calendar and started backing into a date that would result in a spring or summer 2016 baby. 

I started tracking my fertile days so that when the times does come to try, we’ll have a better idea of the right days. 

This is what women do when they think about planning for a family. They scheme, daydream, and ponder the what-ifs. 


2 thoughts on “Planning for a second

  1. I did that and thought my 16 month old was so old when we announced we were pg with #2. And on the night I was in labor and heading to the hospital as I put that “big boy” down (now 23 months) I bawled! I was realizing this boy was still a baby and he would never have me all to himself ever again. I have heard I that I am not alone when it comes to the birth of any child after 1. You are so ready for the family but remember cherish your time with your first sweet baby because that special time is fleeting.

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