Family matters

When is it that family becomes so difficult? When you’re young all you know is family. You don’t quite understand the true dynamic until much later in life. In the last 5-10 years my family has changed. Or maybe it’s my perception that’s changed.

Most of my cousins have families of their own. We don’t see each other much except for an occasional get together, a child’s first birthday, or Christmas. We’ve grown in different directions. I have an entire in-law family that I sometimes think I like better than my own family. But it’s only because things can be simpler with them. My parents fight most of the time and they don’t even seem compatible anymore, but they wouldn’t know what to do with out one another…or so I think. 

My brother and I don’t see each other as much as I would like and he only lives 1hr away. At this moment though we are living our lives within our own ‘new’ families. He’s married. I’m married. 

Family matters. They will always be present in some way or another. And that’s both a blessing and a pain in the ass. 


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