Get it done 

It was one of those days were I felt acomplished. Those types of days don’t seem to happen much anymore. 

I think it helped that I got into work at 7 am, two hrs earlier than usual. And I left at 3 pm. Those two hrs make a big differnce. 

I finally got ahold of the church to book Gwen’s baptism. I played phone tag with them for the entire week and to finally have that booked and completed feels good. Although the priest asked if Guy and I were married in the church. I said no. And he asked if we would kindly get our marriage blessed by the church before baptizing Gwen. So now we have that obstacle to accomplish. We now need to locate copies of our own baptism records, fill out paper work and find a date to renew our vows….in the church. My brother married us the first time around in our backyard.

In other ‘get it done’ news, I contacting the yoga studio were I used to teach and let them know I wanted to start teaching again here and there, possible subbing on the weekends. The owner texted me a few hrs later and asked if I wanted to teach a 5:30 pm class this Sunday. Then my heart dropped because it would be the first time I wouldn’t nurse and put Gwen to bed. But I knew deep down she would be fine without me. It’s more like will I be fine without her? 

Peace and love


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