Four lessoned learned from our first vacation with a 4 month old

1. Don’t try to feed your baby a new food while on vacation. This should be a given, right? But I didn’t think much of it and puréed some pees to bring with us. She’s never had pees before and they messed with her stomach. She had bad gas and a nasty explosion poop that got everywhere.

2. Invest in the right gear. Here’s a list of a few items we will purchase for our next trip.
– Travel humidifier – The air in our hotel room was so dry my throat hurt and our baby had trouble breathing through her nose. It was the middle of winter and the hotel was pumping with dry heat. A humidifier would have been nice and with options like Air-O-Swiss it’s doable.

– Travel pack and play – We have a so called travel pack and play. It’s the Graco Pack n Play On The Go Playard but at 10 lbs it doesn’t feel very travel like. It was bulky and awkward, but it’s size when set up was perfect for a hotel room. We will probably invest in a more portable option when we fly instead of drive.

– Travel backpack – If your walking around a town, doing some shopping, or even hiking, a travel pack will work much better than a diaper bag. Even though we didn’t do much walking around because the weather during this particular vacation was in the single digits we found the diaper bag to be bulky and inconvenient. We would have been better off if one person carried the baby on them and the other carried a pack.

3. Don’t have expectations to stay out late. We ate dinner around 4:30 pm both nights so that we could miss the dinner time crowds and so that we kept our baby’s night time sleep schedule. It seemed to work.

4. Don’t listen to any negativity about traveling with a baby. We got the sarcastic “good luck”, “it’s not worth it”, and “why” from family and friends. Some people just simply don’t travel with little ones and others make it work. You can do anything. Just work as a team, have an open mind, don’t have any expectations, and your baby will adjust as needed. You may not have the perfect dinner or be able to go to the hot tub with your husband, but you’ll find other ways to have fun. Like having dessert delivered to your room or playing chess in bed while your baby sleeps.


2 thoughts on “Four lessoned learned from our first vacation with a 4 month old

  1. We flew our son across the country when he was about six months. We look back and laugh at how much stuff we packed. Our biggest lesson was to check everything. Going through security is so much easier without the stroller. We could certainly carry a child for an hour if it means far less stress at a key time. I agree with all of your points.


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