No family photo

We’ve been away for two days and we haven’t taken a single family photo. There hasn’t been many opportunities.

Today is was 4 degrees out. We drove to the Von Trapp Lodge and would have gone in if the rolling hills of music weren’t whistling with snowy wind. Getting Gwen out of the car and into the lodge on the top of a mountain would have been…not worth it. We did a drive by instead. No photos.

We then headed down the road to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory. It was jammed packed. This would have been the best opportunity for a photo, but it was so crowded it was uncomfortable. We ate ice cream for lunch (yum!) and went on a tour of the factory that we could have done without and will probably never do again. All good though. No family photo.

We went back to the hotel, took turns going to the gym and then headed to dinner. No picture taken. We didn’t even think of it.

There’s always tomorrow at breakfast before we head out.


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