Therapy needed

I’ve seen a therapist a handful of times for different things in my life.

Issue: When I was in my mid twenties I didn’t didn’t speak to my mother for several months at a time. To be frank, I hated her and wanted to change who she was.

Lesson learned: What I learned in therapy was that I can’t change anyone but myself and if I wanted to like my mother again, I would have to change my attitude, perception, and communication style with her.

Issue: In my late twenties I nearly ruined my relationship with Guy because I couldn’t commit whole heartedly.

Lesson learned: A utopia relationship doesn’t exist. Every relationship takes work.

Issue: When Guy and I were engaged we kept butting heads resulting in weeks of not talking.

Lesson learned: In couples therapy we learned to take the time to truly understand the others point of view.

Issue: When I was trying to get pregnant, I began to obsess about it.

Lesson learned: Finding a good therapist isn’t easy. The therapist and I didn’t click well and I only went to a few sessions. But j got pregnant a month later so all was good.

Current Issue: I can’t wrap my head around life in general. I’m going through the motions, but I’m not happy. It could be the New England winter weather. It could be I don’t like my job. It could be I don’t want to leave my four month year old at home with child care or at daycare. It could be postpartum hormones. It could be a lot of things.

It’s just one of those times in my life that therapy is needed. I called two yesterday but haven’t heard back from either yet.


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