Banana Surprise

We officially started down the path of feeding Gwen solid foods. Yesterday I puréed a whole banana with 1/4 cup of breast milk and fed her about four tips of a spoon. She loved it. We are going to continue with banana purée for four days straight once a day just to make sure she is not allergic to it. Then we are going to move onto a green vegetable for four days. Our pediatrician recommended to start with green veggies instead of fruit so that she wouldn’t shy aware from veggies down the line. Better to introduce them early. We’re on board with that.

Our pediatrician also suggested starting her on rice cereal. But we disagree. My gut says rice cereal is a carb loaded filler that she doesn’t need at this stage. She’s gaining weight just fine and growing beautifully, so she doesn’t need it. The only reason we are introducing fruits and veggies at 4 months is to get her used to eating solids. That and because it’s so fun watching her eat food.

Guy nicknamed the banana, banana surprise. Gwen already opens her mouth in anticipation of the spoon. It doesn’t appear that she is going to be a picky eater whatsoever.


Cheers to healthy eating Gwen!


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