Valentine’s Day

Woke up at 5:15 am still feeling sick. Fed Gwen. Rocked Gwen back to sleep. Woke up at 8 am. My husband was up with Gwen for an hour already. Fed Gwen. Rocked Gwen to sleep for her morning nap. My husband made breakfast. My husband went to the gym and grocery shopping. I hung with Gwen. We read books, played in her Sassy, and sang songs. Fed Gwen. Rocked Gwen to sleep for her mid day nap. My husband came home. I made chocolate covered pretzels and rice crispy treats for my husband as a Valentine’s Day treat. We argued about my work schedule, lack of flexibility to help out with Gwen, and just my general state of unhappiness. We played with Gwen. We exchanged our traditional V-day cards. My husband gave me candle sticks and a sweatshirt :). We went out to lunch. Came home. Fed Gwen. Rocked Gwen for a nap. My husband and I watched the last 40 min of a movie. Played with Gwen. Gave Gwen a bath, fed her, and put her to sleep for the night. My husband made dinner. It was yummy. We lit the candle sticks he bought me. We watched an entire movie. After the movie we went and shoveled snow. We are in the midst of yet another Blizzard. It’s now 10:30 pm. Time for bed.

After five years together, this is our first Valentine’s Day not on vacation.

I re-read this entire post and realized that I have never once, in any post so far, mentioned my husbands name. His name is Guy.


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