Setting intentions

Whenever I teach a yoga class I take a few moments at the beginning of class to allow people to set an intention. Whenever I take a yoga class and the teacher gives the same cue, my intention is almost always the same…to be present. When present the mind is not wondering, there is no chatter, there is no future, there is no past. You are in the very moment in which you are meant to be in.

Typically when you set an intention, you are putting a state of being, a wish, a thought, an energy into the universe. That intention starts to permeate your entire being and it will come to fruition if you allow it to.

I’ve set many intentions. The intentions that do take flight are most often those that I say out loud or write down. It really does work.

With that said, I wish to send an intention into the universe. I want to have a flexible job. One that I can make nearly as much money as I’m making now, but be able to go into the office when I need to, work from home when I want. A job that I can leave to go pick up my daughter from daycare at 3:30 and spend time with her in the afternoon. A job that I feel like I’m making an impact and have a team of people that I enjoy working with. A job that’s closer to home so I don’t spend an hour each way in the car.

That is my intention.


One thought on “Setting intentions

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