Tomorrow is the first day of day care

Wednesday’s are just those kind of days. And today, with all the traffic, it was even worse. The amount of snow on the roads and side-walks has caused havoc on Boston suburb traffic. It took me an hour this morning just to get to my aunts house to drop Gwen off, then another hour to get to work. On the way home it was yet another hour back to my aunts and another 30 min to get home. I’m very glad we got most of Gwen stuff together for her first day of day care this weekend. Clothes, crib sheet, and blankie were all marked with her name. Extra diapers, wipes, sleep suit, and pacifiers were purchased. The pediatrician office was called to get a copy of proof of her vaccinations. This evening, once Gwen was asleep, I finished the “day in the life” of document, prepared the bottles, and organized her stuff for the third time.

She’s ready! But are we? I’m excited and nervous. I still have unanswered questions for day care, like…who can I call to check in on Gwen during the day? Will you rock her to sleep like we do? Will you feed her slowly so she doesn’t spit up or choke? Will you use our babyganics wipes? And the list goes on…

Sleep well my Gweny pie. Tomorrow is a big brand new day for you. Xo


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