Super Bowl Sunday (strawberries, game day face, & yin yoga)

Strawberries & honey – first time parents for sure!:
At two weeks old we rubbed diluted honey on Gwen’s gums. She had just had her tongue tie and lip tie lasered open and she was screaming bloody murder. The doc who performed the laser surgery had rubbed sugar water on her gums so we just assumed honey was ok. In the middle of the night my husband woke me up in a panic. He had been googling honey and babies. What were we thinking? Why didn’t we know the dangers of honey? Ugh. We called the pedi and everything was just fine.

Today I had a few strawberries with my breakfast and thought this might be a good food to have Gwen try for the first time. I smashed the tiniest bit up and put it in her mouth. She loved it. I smashed more and she ate it with a smile. It was so much fun. Her first bit of solid food. A light bulb went off and I googled strawberries and babies. Ugh! Why didn’t I know this. Strawberries often cause allergic reactions. We watched her for the next few hours. Nothing happenEd. Everything was fine.

Super bowl game face:

We live just outside Boston and by default are routing for the Patriots! This is Gwen’s game day face attempt!

Yin yoga:
I attended a yin yoga workshop this afternoon. The instructor was a friend of my who took yoga teacher training with me three years ago. I respect and enjoy her teaching style very much. At the end of class she said something that hit me deeply. She said “your powerful self can manifest any dream”.

Happy super bowl!


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