Blizzard of 2015

They are calling this a crippling and historic storm, warning that we may lose power. The snow started around 5 pm. I left work at 3 pm to pick up Gwen at my sister in laws. Traffic was already horrific. Everyone else had the same idea of leaving work early to beat the traffic and the snow. I once left the office in a snow storm after everyone else had left thinking I would wait out the traffic. Big mistake, It took me three hours to get home. I vowed never to do that again.

My first thought this morning was what will happen to my frozen breast milk if we lose power. Then realized I could put it in a cooler outside in the storm. That would work!

My husband texted me in a moment of weakness and asked if we needed to stock up on food. Even though we just went to the grocery store yesterday, there is something about a storm that makes you feel like you need to buy eggs, bread, and milk. We had a good laugh at all the people stocking up. We’ve never lost power long enough to have an impact on our food supply, yet people panic.

My husband is planning on waking up at 3 am to do a first round of shoveling so that when we wake up in the morning we won’t have to shovel a foot of snow all at once. He’s good like that. They are predicting nearly two feet of snow! We’ll see.

I’m just looking forward to spending a snow day bunkered in with my family.


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