Day 1 of sleep training

We decided to pull the trigger for real this time. Gwen is no longer sleeping with a swaddle. We upgraded to a sleep sac. And she is no longer in her sleeping pod. She is fully flat in her crib, alone! Well except that we put a pillow under the mattress on one side because we thought it would feel more like the pod. We are going to follow threw with it this time, no matter how long it takes to break the habit of being swaddled and lying in a comfy donut esque boppy. No matter how much it breaks our hearts to hear her cry.

She fell asleep at 6:45 pm. It’s now 9 pm and, combined, my husband and I have gone in to sooth her 6 times. That’s every 12 min on average. Mama Mia!

In one night we took away two things she’s known consistently for the last 14 weeks of her life…wait I mean for all of her life. All 14 weeks of her life! What were we thinking.

I just read that it takes 3 consecutive days to form a good habit, but it takes 7 days to break a bad one.


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