Yoga at home

My yoga practice has been lacking lately and it really bugs me. I feel less centered and more easily flustered when I don’t practice regularly. I love to practice in a studio with the ambiance of lighting, the smell of incense, and the conscious breathing of other yoga students. But getting to a studio these days seems like the length of a yoga practice in itself. By the time I get in the car, drive to the studio, arrive at least 5 min early to pay and settle in, 20 min or more has past. Then add another 20 min to get home. That’s 40 min gone. And when you have an infant at home, 40 minutes is a long time give up.

Typically when I practice at home, I make up my own sequence based on how I’m feeling that day. In the past this helped me create fresh sequences for teaching my classes. But since I haven’t been teaching since before Gwen was born and I’m missing the atmosphere of a studio, I decided to try a free trial with Yogaglo.

Yogaglo is a service that proves hundreds of yoga classes from well known instructors. Classes range from beginner to advance and focus on different parts of the body or postures.

I tried a core strengthening level 1-2 class that was 45 minutes long. It was taught by Kai Miller. I enjoyed it very much, but today I wish I had chosen a class that was more intense and faster paced.

I’ll try some other classes this week by other instructors and will let you know how they go. But overall I thought the Yogaglo service and platform was very cool.



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