Baby neck rash

I just googled “baby neck rash”. Gwen has the quintessential (I just googled how to spell quintessential. I told you I was a bad speller) rash that occurs when a baby’s drool dribbles down into the folds of their neck. Well that’s what I’m assuming is happening with Gwen. It was so bad this evening I saw a little blood amongst the chapped, moist redness.

We use a little mini fan with foam propellers to dry out the area.


I think the fan was one of my husbands genius ideas! It really works to dry out those baby skin folds and so quick too, but it hasn’t quite worked as well for the neck rash.

Before buying some powder tomorrow for the rash, I’ll give my pediatrician a call just to make sure powder is the way to go. Hopefully they won’t tell me to bring her in, which is typically what happens every time I call the pediatrician.


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