My aunt and uncle

It’s Wednesday, hump day. I picked up Gwen from my aunts house this afternoon at 5:10 pm. My uncle had her in his arms. He left work early today just so he could spend time with her. This particular aunt and uncle spoiled me when I was child. I was their flower girl in their wedding in 1985. My entire family including their own children know that my brother and I were their first children or so the joke is told at nearly every family gathering. They weren’t even married yet when they would take my brother and I to the movies or bowling or for sleepovers. We were their first children that they loved to spoil.

My aunt is watching Gwen on Wednesdays and she truly seems to enjoy her. It’s special for me because this very same aunt watched me when I was a child. I believe we’ve come full circle again and it’s strengthen the relationship I have with them. And even though I don’t believe she will watch Gwen for very long, I’m really enjoying the small amount of time I get to spend at their house when I drop Gwen off and pick her up.

Thank you auntie!


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