Tiredness = Miscommunications

We haven’t slept the last two nights, maybe three. I can’t remember. Gwen is either going through a growth spurt or hates being out of her pod for sleep time. We’ve been up with her every two hrs or so trying to sooth her back to sleep or feed her. My husband will take one or two shifts and I’ll take one or two shifts.

Whenever we don’t get enough sleep or exercise for that matter, we get cranky and can’t communicate. What should be simple yes or no conversations turn into hrs of frustration. Each of us just not quite understanding the other. Clarity, comprehension, compassion, and patience have all gone out the window. I can’t even explain to you the miscommunications we encountered today as they don’t even make sense to me anymore. One was around weather or not we should go on a family walk. The other was weather or not we were going to continue trying to put Gwen flat in her crib. The stupid thing is we are both saying the exact same thing. So frustrating. We are definitely at our worst when we’re tired.

Unfortunately, I foresee many more sleepless nights ahead.


2 thoughts on “Tiredness = Miscommunications

  1. Miscommunication??? What do you mean? What are you talking about??I don’t remeber that. There must be a miscommunication 🙂 xoxo


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