Overwhelmed with love

My husband took a sick day today to watch Gwen. We don’t officially start day care twice a week until February, so there’s two days a week for the month of January that we need covered. Since I’m just back at work, it made more sense for him to take a day during the first week. My mom is also taking one day a week off to watch her.

I feel so much more relaxed with my husband watching her than anyone else. He sends me pictures and videos at every step of their day. Here’s a pic that he sent me of what he dressed her in today!


He makes me feel so loved. I want to run home and be with them. Sometimes I feel obsessed with how much I love my daughter. I never expected to have such overwhelming feelings. I wasn’t prepared for this. A colleague of mine today said “you never really know what it feels like to be a parent until you are one” – so true. For all of those times I was annoyed with my mom for wanting to be my friend or watching me with those inquisitive eyes – I get it now. I can see myself wanting to be as close as possible to Gwen, spending as much time with her as I’m able.


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