Day 1 – back at work

10:15 am and I’ve cried most of the morning. My sister in law is home watching Gwen today. I just called her to check in on her and Gwen while I’m in the mothers room at work, pumping away. They both sounded good. I could hear Gwen in the background talking and then begin to fuss. She was getting ready to take a nap.

It doesn’t feel normal to be at work. I’ve accomplished nothing yet, except for booking the mothers room to pump. I feel out of place. Like I don’t belong here anymore. Everyone seems so happy to see me back. It’s difficult to enjoy their enthusiasm but it does make things easier to be around people who are truly supportive and happy to see me.

Only 6 hrs to go and a 40 min car ride until I pick up Gwen again.


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