Preparing for the first week back at work

I’m boiling off bottles as I type. Tomorrow I go back to work and I’m sick to my stomach preparing bottles for someone else to feed my daughter. I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding except for one bottle a day. My husband has been feeding her a bottle once a day since she was 4 weeks old to help prepare for the day when I go back to work. He also did it so I could sleep a few more uninterrupted hours in the middle of the night. He’s a good husband and father like that.

I washed my new pants. Washed an extra play blanket and Gwen’s dirty clothes. Had a key made for my sister in law (she’ll watch Gwen tomorrow). Packed her diaper bag with some books, toys, and extra clothes. Organized my frozen milk from oldest date to most current. Ordered more diapers from Amazon Prime.

Still need to make dinner and lunches for the week. Fold and put away clothes. Shower, shave, wash my hair and pluck my eyebrows in preparation for being in public all day.

The thought of someone else taking care of Gwen breaks my heart. I’m going to give it a few months and if I’m unhappy at work, we’ll explore a plan B.

Pics of the boiling process and my husband feeding Gwen this morning.




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