Twelve Weeks Old

My daughter is twelve weeks today. Yesterday she rolled from her belly to her back for the first time. I was in awe. I tried to capture it in a video for my husband but she wouldn’t do it again. It was our moment only.

Twelve weeks is a big milestone. It means I’m going back to work in three days. I tear up every time this thought arises and I’ve cried hysterically several times. I’ve been trying to avoid the topic and planning of it for the last month. Everyday I think…
-It’s to soon to go back
-Gwen is still so young
-I don’t want anyone else raising my child
-This is insane
-Why does Canada get to have a year’s worth of maternity leave.
-I haven’t lost all of the weight yet

In sight of going back to work my mom met me at the mall yesterday on a hunt to find a few pairs of pairs of pants. I’m still about 15 lbs off my pre-pregnancy weight and I literally have been wearing the same maternity jeans everyday for the last month. I found three pairs of pants at Gap. I bought a size 6, a size 8, and a size 10. Not because I wanted three different sizes but because each different style of pant fit me differently. Whatever -right? They fit. Before pregnancy I was a size 4.

I found 15 min yesterday for yoga! SCORE! I did: three 1/2 suns, 8 sun A’s, two sun B’s, a standing balance and a headstand. As I was mid headstand my husband walked in with a crying hungry Gwen. Time for her to eat.

Pic of Gwen right before she rolled over!



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