New Year – New Attempts

I know nothing about blogging or writing, but as part of my new year, new beginning attempts, I’m going to write everyday. I have three so called “New Years resolutions”.

1. Write everyday
2. Do yoga everyday
3. Finish a scrap booking project

Scrap booking? Yes, it’s been on my New Years resolution list for 14 years. Every year I vow to finish it and send it off to its rightful owner. Maybe this year will be the year.

I got the idea to write everyday from the photography my husband and I used for our daughter, Gwen’s newborn pictures. The photographer was doing a 365 day project, taking a new picture everyday and publishing it.

My goal is to not overthink, just write no matter how bad it sounds, no matter how awful the sentence structure is, or short or long the entry. Just write everyday.

And as for yoga everyday, my goal is to practice everyday. That may mean 1 sun salution or 100. It may mean sitting on my mat for 30 minutes meditating or meditating in my car before work for 5 min. I simple want to get back to my practice and take time for myself.

Both are an attempt to help me create a better version of my current self.

Happy New Year! Happy New Beginnings!
Jan 1, 2015


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