Last day of their first ever daycare

Our kids today attended their last day of their first ever daycare. It feels strange. We are moving on from the teachers and child care providers that shaped some of the most important years of their early lives. 

This fall they will begin a new daycare and a new preschool located in our town. It’s exciting and both nerve wracking. Our nearly 3yr old daughter will attend a few days of the preschools this summer to get acclimated. 

Three years went by quick and this feels like a very big milestone in all of our lives. 

Father’s Day 2017

We had a really nice day overall. Spent the morning on my husbands Father’s Day gift…the flower fence installation. Then we headed to the beach. L’s first trip to the beach. The weather and tide were perfect and he loved it. Until lunch time when everything went down hill and both him and G were maniacs – which also included the messiest poopy diaper change ever! Gross!

In the afternoon we played in the yard and cooked yummy ribs. 

L is also officially crawling…the real deal crawl. 

To my husband – Thanks being such an incredible Dad and sharing your Father’s Day with us! 


As of this week L is official mobile. He can belly crawl across the room and will get into anything that he shouldn’t. He has already gotten into our dogs water bowl. This is new territory for us. Our daughter never crawled and didn’t walk until she was 15 months. We never had to really baby proof or put things away with her. 

And it’s not over yet

Packing it in for the first real feel weekend of the summer. 

  • Stroller stride class with my SIL and niece
  • G’s end of year gymnastics show
  • Our town’s annual arts and carts festival
  • And L started officially eating lunch. 
  • And a BBQ at my bro’s tomorrow. 

Mother’s Day 2017

I had a really nice Mother’s Day thanks to my husband. It was low key, a tad bit more relaxing than a normal day, and it was fun. 

I took two showers! Two! I got my very first fishing rod as a gift. Yes a fishing rod. It was a really thoughtful gift since I’ve been saying I want to go fishing for months. 

My daughter and I spent a few hours in the morning visiting my mom. Then we went to my father-in-laws for a pasta lunch. 

The only thing that could have made it better was some sun! It was cold and rainy the entire day.