First real Halloween



First two steps

13 months and L took his first two steps tonight. This crazy climbing baby is about to become independent!

Three years ago today.

My memory is not the greatest, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the eve of my daughters birth. It was a Thursday and I left work a bit early to go to a doctors appointment. I cleaned my desk as if I wasn’t going back. In meetings that day I prepped people as if I wouldn’t be there for the next several months. I just knew.

My husband even met me at my doctor’s office and he rarely went to my appointments – it was hard for him to get off work.

I had preeclampsia and was miserable. So miserable. My blood pressure was extremely high when I saw my doctor. I was not dilated at all. She sent me home and advised that she would call my specialist who was in Paris at the time. When she got a hold of her she would call me back and let me know what to do next. She called at 8 pm and told me to head to the hospital. They were going to induce me. That didn’t work out so well and it wasn’t until the next morning, October 10th that they did a c-section.

I knew she would be born on that date because my mother-in-law, who I never met, was also born on October 10th.

Happy 3rd Birthday!


L got his first hair cut last night…by me :). Not awful if I say so. He looks so much older. I studied up on YouTube videos and bought real shears. My husband did an amazing job of keeping him entertained while I nervously cut away all his baby curls.

G slept through the entire night and didn’t get up to pee! Such a huge milestone. She’s one week shy of three yrs.

Bad milk?

Opened L’s milk cup this morning. The one he drinks in the middle of the night if he’s thirsty. The milk (whole milk) went bad. I’m sure he drank some or lots and now I feel awful about it.

Was that why he was up cranking from 2-4 am?

The legendary Paci’s

We are going on night three without my almost three year old having her paci’s. The legendary pacifiers. For the last three years there wasn’t a nap or a night that she didn’t have two pacifiers with her. One went in her mouth and the second she would rub on her skin or in between her fingers. It was her soother. And man are they disgusting after so much use. We are still in the thick of transitioning her away from them, but it’s looking positive.

A few of her favorite phrases.

“I want my paci’s”

“I can’t find my paci” – famous for the 2 am wake up call

“Where are my paci’s?”

“Paci’s please!”

And the most common “Paci’s?” Asked with a definitive question mark.

It’s the end of an era. Bye paci’s. I won’t miss you nearly as much as my daughter.